Bilgi Al


Kervan Custom Design Ice Cream Machines
With today's technology, which is designed for the automatic control mechanism, high-capacity cooling system and an insulated body
Kervan ice cream machines, ice cream sales merchandising provides an opportunity for continuous and effortless .
  • Perfect Presentation
     Perfect presentation for ice cream varieties
  • Easy to use
     Tempered , resistive, easy to move service glass
  • High Capacity Cooling
     High-capacity cooling system for continuous freezing
  • Automatic Control Mechanism
    Automatic control mechanism designed with today’s technology
  • Functional Design
     Easy to remove and replaceable freezers
  • Digital Control Unit
     Keep the temprature constant and constantly at the same level, the digital control unit
  • Easy to Movement
     Four wheels for easy of movement
  • Special Glass Resistance
    Special resistance on the wind shield prevents condensation
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